PARLOUR was brought to life for those of us who love pets like children, and want apparel and accessories that express their unique personalities and style.




(the one who started it all)


what really gets your blood pumping?

snowboarding, festivals, napping, wine, recently also running


how old are you in dog years?

3 and ¾


past occupation?

fashion fashion fashion


what's the best part about being Roxy?

loving life, fun and my amazing dog Frankie


currently living in?

London, but wanna run away to Mexico


if you could have a super power, what would it be?





Frankie (he/him)

muse of PARLOUR, micro petfluencer, techno lover



favourite activity

stealing socks


what are you known for?

best navigational skills (better than Roxy)


favourite food

peanut butter


mom is cool but what do you really live for?

Thursdays at Puppy Social